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Muracream - 4 ozMuracream - 4 oz
Emollient CreamEmollient Cream
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The Muriel Bell Story

(This "IS" your grandma’s skin care line…and for good reason.)

". . . . . . . .I really truly appreciate the non-greasy pure goodness of Muriel Bell products as well as its lovely scent!  I hope my daughter will be able to use it as I have used it from childhood to adulthood.” . . . Texas

Once upon a time, (this is the way all good stories start) when Muriel Bell was 34 years old, her husband asked her one night at bedtime to “Please take that grease off your face.”  Now Muriel, wanting to look her best and slow down the visible aging process and the development of fine lines or wrinkles, informed him that everything that was on the market was greasy.  So her husband, who was a research engineer with several patents to his name, set out to discover what was on the market and what healthy skin needed. Guess what? There was no match!

Then together with a cosmetic chemist, they developed a night cream that wasn’t greasy but provided emollience and moisture.  Muriel started using it and soon her friends began to tell her how good she looked.  They asked what was her secret to such younger looking skin and how could they get some?  Forced into business by friends, MURIEL BELL, INC. was born.  

Since 1940 Muriel Bell has nurtured mature and severe dry skin with natural safflower oil, grape seed oil, antioxidant vitamin E and hypoallergenic lanolin.  Our anti-aging skin care products are mineral oil-free and glycerin-free; these inexpensive (cheap!) additives - found in most major cosmetics - just add to a product’s shelf life, but plug up pores, sit on the surface of the skin and can cause breakouts.  Our products are made with expensive, refined ingredients which will be absorbed into the deep layers of the skin where they will provide emollience, hydrate and moisturize the mature skin 

Muriel Bell Skin Care consists of just five products - Muracream, our cleanser/conditioner, and Emollient-X , our non-greasy, mature skin moisturizer are the foundation of our line – because, used together, both are all that healthy mature skin needs to stay soft and clear.  One bottle of either Muracream or Emollient-X lasts up from two to three months because so little is needed to maintain healthy skin.   These are the two most popular products and are offered on this site. We also have a rich, nighttime, dry skin cream called Emollient Cream which softens extremely severe dry skin and helps reduce deep lines and wrinkles. It is truly an anti-aging cream.  (This cream is also offered on this site.). Then there is a hand and body lotion for all over emollience and moisturizing.  And lastly, a non-soap lathering cleanser called Facial Cleanser, for normal, youthful or oily skin. ,You can read about all of these products on  Most women need to use only one or two of our products for complete skin care.

If you’re tired of expensive, empty promises…we invite you to re-discover a classic combination that has kept normal, severe dry skin and mature skin soft and healthy since 1940.  Give Muriel's products a try!  They’re guaranteed.


Eleanor, RN, BSN, President (and Muriel's daughter)

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