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Muracream - 4 ozMuracream - 4 oz
Emollient CreamEmollient Cream
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Q...What is "emollience"?

A...      Emollience means "To make your skin soft, supple, smooth, less harsh".   An emollient soothes the skin and comforts it.


Q...What do you mean by "Moisturizes"?

 A...     Moisturize means "to add liquid".  A moisturizer will add liquid to a dryer substance.  A skin care product will add (carry) water  into the skin.


Q...When do I need to start adding Emollience or Moisture?

A...     A person's skin is the first organ of the body to start to age and it begins to do so around the age of 30.   Therefore it is good to start conditioning the skin well before that.  It depends on the climate in which you live, what "kind" of skin you have (oily, dry, combination), and how much makeup, if any, you use etc. to determine which products you may need.


Q... What do you  mean when you say my skin is an "organ"?

A...     An organ performs a specific function (such as your heart, liver, lungs, etc).  The layers of your skin protect your body, excrete water, salt and waste products (such as urea and toxins) regulate body temperature, etc.  It weighs about 7.5 lbs. in the average adult body - much more than your heart or a kidney.


Q… How do your products work? 

A…    Our cleansing cream/conditioner (Muracream) goes deep into the pores of the skin and combines with makeup and dirt, grime, oils (your skin's  natural oil called "sebum"), waste products, etc.  Since it is a water soluble cream, it rinses them away.  If rinsing is not performed, they are wiped away with the first and second applications.  Then a third application when messaged in and  left on the skin will add emollience and moisture because it is a vegetable oil and Lanolin cream.  (If there is still cream on your skin after 10 minutes, you have used too much cream.)        

    Our moisturizer (Emollient-X) will be absorbed into your skin rapidly and brings with it oils (safflower and grape seed) and a higher percentage of water (because of the high percentage of Lanolin).  Emollient-X soothes and moisturizes your skin.  Again, if there is any cream still on your skin after 10 minutes, you have used too much. Emollient-X is perfect to prepare your skin for the application of make-up.


Q…  Should I use an astringent with your cleansing cream? 

A…    An astringent is used to remove a mineral oil based cleanser and its purpose is to tighten and draw together the soft tissues of the skin.  When the skin is cleansed with a water soluble cleansing cream, the pores are emptied completely and the best way to tighten the skin is with a splash of cold water (a natural astringent) after removing Muracream .


Q...     Do you ship your product outside of the USA?

A...     Yes.  In addition to the USA, we also accept orders from Canada and Australia.


Q…   I have a lot of other products from the_______cosmetic company and I would like to use them up.  Can I use them with your products?            \


A…    Our products are designed to be used together and they compliment each other.  If you use them with other companies’ products you will not get the full benefit of what we offer; so we strongly advise using only Muriel Bell products by themselves. We suggest using our wonderful Muriel Bell products underneath your sunscreen or makeup or any other product you put on


Q…. Are your products "all natural"? 

A…    Our products are made with natural vegetable oils (Safflower and Grape Seed oils), distilled water, de-allergized lanolin, (refined from sheep’s wool) and emulsifiers which blend them altogether to make a soft, smooth, absorbable product (absorbed into the layers of your skin-not into your blood stream). 


Q...  I have allergies.  Will I be able to use your products?

A...  Please see our allergy information  page.


Q…  Do you do animal testing? 

A…    NO- we do not test on animals.


 Q…  Do you have samples? 

A…   We’re sorry but we do not have samples.  We sell with a money back guarantee.  

Q…  Why should I buy your products? 

A…  Because our products really do what we say they will do! will save money when you use our products. We sell directly to you and if we sold through stores, we'd have to double our prices in order to pay commissions,  magazine and  TV advertising and packaging.  ( A bottle of our 4.3oz Muracream will usually last 1-2 months and our Emollient-X will usually last about 3+ months.) f

 If you are tired of “youthful skin care” promises that don’t live up to what you are told and if your skin is still dry, has fine lines etc., and if you are not completely satisfied with the skin care products you currently are using, then treat yourself to our products and give us a try.... (we really hope you will).  Your thirsty skin will love you (and us)!  







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