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Muracream - 4 ozMuracream - 4 oz
Emollient CreamEmollient Cream
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" I've used your products for over 60 years, and people still comment on how good my skin looks --  even though now I am an old lady!  Thank you." . . . D.S. in MA, 7/1213

 "So glad to find such wonderful products and to know they do not (emphasis ours) contain glycerin or mineral oil!" . . . Illinois  

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Glycerin is a Drying Agent on Your Skin!

  (And so is soap - all kinds - and soap doesn't even rinse out of your pores.)

Are You Allergic to Glycerin? Our Products Do Not Contain Any Kind of Glycerin!

We don’t use Glycerin . . . Because we have something better - Grape seed oil and acetylated lanolin!  (See our Emollient-X moisturizer.)  Glycerin is not really absorbed by the skin – it is put into products to provide “shelf life”.  It’s claimed to be a moisturizing agent (a humectant-which means it attracts moisture to your skin) but in reality it is a drying agent.  Yes, it does absorb moisture but since glycerin is not really absorbed into your skin but stays primarily on the surface (as a “skin protectant”) where does it get the moisture?  It either holds moisture next to your skin (from the water it is combined with) or it draws moisture OUT of your skin.  Either way, it makes your dry skin even drier!  Glycerin is highly hygroscopic.  This means it absorbs moisture from the air. (Or wherever it can find it.)  So if you placed a drop on your tongue, it may raise a blister.  (I don't suggest you try this.) 

Mixed with water, glycerin is said to soften skin, but it will just hold water next to your skin and not bring this water into your skin since it cannot be absorbed.  So in reality it is not really hydrating your dry skin. Muriel Bell, Inc. wants to hydrate your skin and not risk taking any moisture out.  Glycerin is basically a drying agent.  (Glycerin soap is no exception.)

You can prove this for yourself.  Get some glycerin (from your pharmacy) and lightly spread a few small drops onto the surface of a slice of very soft FRESH bread.  Wait 10 minutes and then compare the treated areas with the untreated areas of the bread.  It will be somewhat hard to the touch where you put the glycerin (and softer where there were no glycerin drops) because the glycerin has removed the moisture (water) . . . .  So we do not use glycerin in any of our products.  We want to put moisture in, not risk taking it out!

 (Note-Some women use glycerin to soften and make their hair manageable.  This may work for hair, but I am only addressing skin care.) 

Mineral Oil Cannot be
Absorbed by the Skin
(So why would you use products that contain Mineral Oil?)
(We Use Vegetable Oils Which Are Absorbed) 

We use expensive, quality ingredients, safflower and grape seed oils, which are absorbed and are beneficial to the skin.  The skin is the largest organ in our body weighing approximately 7 lbs in the average adult.  Its job is to cool the body, excrete salt, urea, waste products and to protect the body. (It also manufactures Vitamin D from sun light.)

Why don’t we use Mineral Oil in our products? . . . It is because mineral oil cannot be absorbed by the skin. 

Mineral oil plugs up the pores and prevents the more beneficial ingredients from being absorbed and helping the skin.  Also, it attracts dirt and causes blackheads, whiteheads and pimples and is "comedogenic".  It puts a coating of impenetrable oil on your skin which locks in the waste products and toxins that the skin is trying to excrete. 

Mineral oil is a heavy hydrocarbon, a byproduct of crude petroleum (i.e. motor oil).  When it is refined for medical or cosmetic use, it is colorless, odorless, and costs just pennies.  This is why so many big companies use it.  It is high profit for them but is not very good for you or for your skin.  It is cost effective because it is so inexpensive (cheap!).
It is also added to skin care products to give them unlimited shelf life so that the cream will stay “fresh” on the shelf indefinitely.  (If you pay $15-$200+ for a skin care cream, you are most likely paying for mineral oil, fancy packaging and expensive advertising. . . not necessarily for quality ingredients.)

Mineral oil is not organic (from a living substance and cannot be absorbed by the skin).  It is known by the names Petrolatum (Petroleum), and Vaseline among others.  (Petroleum is a mixture of hydrocarbons prepared for use as gasoline and naphtha as well as other products.)

Mineral oil is used in medicine as an internal, intestinal lubricant   (i.e.: laxative), as a vasoline ointment, and as a skin barrier in baby’s diaper area (“Baby oil”).   

It is used in industry to lubricate squeaky hinges, motors, etc. 
Mineral oil can "lubricate" the outside of your skin (making it oily or greasy).  It is beneficial only as a "skin protectant",  but can never penetrate to bring emollience into the skin where it is needed and it prevents other ingredients from being absorbed as well.   (This is why we never, never put it into our MURIEL BELL products.)

 The expensive, high quality ingredients used in Muriel Bell dry-skin care products have stood the test of time.   Our long time customers, who look 10-20 years younger than they really are, are perfect examples of why we can made the claims and provide the guarantees that we do.

Lanolin Will Hydrate Your Skin. 

"Your lanolin products are so soothing!". . . Tennessee

Since water cannot penetrate the skin by itself, it needs to be “carried” into the skin by something which can be absorbed.  Creams made from vegetable oils and lanolin, emulsified with purified water can be easily absorbed.  Lanolin absorbs 27% of its own weight in water which it then carries into your skin, hydrating it quickly.  This makes lanolin one of the best and most efficient moisturizers known to cosmetic science. 

We use a de-allergized (hypoallergenic) lanolin in most of our products.  This lanolin has been highly purified and is soothing, emollient and hydrating.  It is just what your thirsty skin wants!  These are the reasons we use vegetable oils and lanolin and never any mineral oil or glycerin in Muriel Bell skin care products. They were and are still "created to be the worlds' finest!" Our long time customers, who look 10-20 years younger than they really are, attest to this truth.  

 You can feel completely safe with Muriel Bell’s Muracream (our emollient, moisturizing, water soluble cleansing cream), and Emollient-X (our additional, concentrated, efficient moisturizer).  These two products work together to solve, treat, soothe and get rid of your dry skin.  

 Add one or both of these to your shopping cart.  But if you only want one product, I strongly recommend that you try the Muracream.  It will definitely moisturize as well as cleanse your skin.  Special introductory prices are on this site and they come to you with our 90 day, money back guarantee!  You will be delighted with how your skin feels and the results you see.  These are not empty promises!

Thank you for visiting this site.  I hope it has been helpful to you.


Eleanor, R.N. (Muriel’s daughter)


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