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Emollient Cream

Emollient Cream
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The Best Night Cream available

A free "Measuring Wand" is provided to help you determine how little to use.
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Muracream - 4 ozMuracream - 4 oz
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 "In youth beauty is a gift,

 in maturity it is an accomplishment."
Muriel Bell


Night Time Emollience for

the Mature Dry Skin!

" I think your products are the best...I'm so grateful to my friends for telling me about you!"...Wisconsin

This rich, luxurious night cream contains a higher percentage of softening agents than any commercial-type night cream. When always applied after Muracream , it will solve your dry skin problem! That is our promise to you. Here is a totally different Cream, carefully blended of rich vegetable oils and grape seed oil and refined lanolin.  It contains no (cheap!) glycerin or mineral oil ! It provides all the emollience the mature skin needs, replacing the natural sebum which is lost in dry skin and as people get older.


Even people of any age who have patches of red, dry or scaley skin (especially in cold weather) find wonderful relief with Emollient Cream.


 This rich, “buttery” cream is not “oily or greasy” and is pleasant to apply.  It soothes, softens, smoothes and conditions beyond anything you have ever experience.  (No more dry skin "hurt"!)  After cleansing skin, (we recommend using our water soluble cleansing cream Muracream ), massage a small amount of Emollient Cream into dry areas.  A very small amount is all that is needed since it is readily absorbed. 

If there is still cream on your face after 5-10 minutes, it may be wiped off because too much has been put on. (Leave it on longer for severely dry skin) There is no need to leave it on over night since it will have been absorbed and will continue to soften and condition, nuturing your skin as you sleep! There will be no residue left on your pillow and you will retire with a clean, non-greasy face! 


Our three main products, Muracream (cleansing cream and conditioner) Emollient-X (additional day time moisturizer) Emollient Cream (night time emollience)  were formulated to work together and each one will enhance the other two and eliminate your dry skin once and for all!

Remember, it is the dry skin which forms wrinkles. If this is your problem, you need to add Muriel Bell Emollient Cream to complete the care of your skin!



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