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Muracream - 4 ozMuracream - 4 oz
Emollient CreamEmollient Cream
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 Our products are different because they actually do what we say they will do.  We are different because we don't make empty promises. 

 We have been in business since 1940 and still have satisfied customers who have been with us since our company first began.

Our skin care products were developed for the mature skin or for "problem" skin such as dry, chapped, flakey, crepey or oily skin. 

Most of our customers are women over 35 years of age and who have tried "everything else" on the market. When they find out that the "big name brands" pretty gold packaging and advertising hype don't live up to what they have been promised, they turn to us.  We've had satisfied customers for over 72 years and some are still with us.  (Really!).

Muracream, our cleanser/conditioner is the basic product of our line.

Emollient-X is our mature skin lanolin moisturizer which enhances the emollience and moisturizing of our Muracream.

Emollient Cream is our rich nighttime cream for added emollience for those who need even more emollience and moisturizing throughout the night hours. 

 We sell only by 1. direct mail, 2. through consultant dealers or 3. from our office and web site so that we can ensure the product you receive is always fresh.  You save money when you buy Muriel Bell products because you do not pay for "middle man" overhead, department store markups, TV or Magazine advertising or marketing or glamorous packaging.  One bottle of either Muracream or Emollient-X  lasts from one to three months because so little of it is needed to do its job and help your skin.

Aren’t you tired of "youthful skin care promises" made by 15 - 30 year old Hollywood models?

If you, like Muriel, are tired of  expensive, empty promises……we invite you to join with our current customers and solve your dry skin problems.  Dry skin can hurt but you  can enjoy a more youthful, smooth and comfortable skin.    I encourage you to give Muriel's products a try!

Thank you for visiting us and we would love to hear from you.


Eleanor, RN, BSN,   President (and Muriel's daughter)

 Questions? Contact us at:

1-800-716-23661-800-716-2366 FREE   (M-F,10AM-4PM  MST)


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