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Muracream - 4 oz

Muracream - 4 oz
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A free "face cloth" is our gift to you with your 1st order

A free measuring "applicator spoon" comes with this bottle.
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Emollient CreamEmollient Cream
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Muriel Bell

at age 78





Muriel Bell

at age 85
 "Created to be the world's finest."
Muriel Bell

Muracream, The Unique Water Soluble Cleanser/Conditioner for Healthy Skin.

"Muracream certainly simplifies skin care!" . . . New York City  

The centerpiece of the Muriel Bell anti-aging skin care line, Muracream is a water-soluble moisturizing cleansing cream created for mature and severe dry skin. It cleanses, conditions, soothes, softens and hydrates with natural safflower oil and grape seed oil, anti-oxidant vitamin E and hypoallergenic lanolin. It was developed for severe dry skin and as anti-aging skin care for mature faces.  When our glycerin-free moisturizer ( Emollient-X ) is also used with it, they both work together to increase the absorption of moisture into the skin. 

Muracream is mineral oil-free and glycerin-free so there is no need to follow with an astringent.  Use Muracream either with a warm water rinse off or a tissue wipe off.  It gives you smoother, softer, more comfortable and younger looking skin in just one easy step.  Because it is so gentle, it can even be used as an eye makeup remover and yet it will exfoliate when used with a damp washcloth. Truly a miracle creamIt cleanses, conditions and moisturizes all at the same time.  Perfect for the younger skin!

 Whether you have mature skin, severe dry skin or just want healthy skin, Muracream can help. We recommend using two applications. 

  • First, apply Muracream to your face to remove surface soil and makeup, then wipe it off with a tissue.
  • Apply a second application on your face and throat and massage in for deep cleansing and moisturizing; wipe off or rinse with a warm, wet face cloth.
  • If desired, Muracream may be applied to a damp face cloth and gently rubbed all over where you want to exfoliate your skin.
  • To make it and convenient for you, we will include a face cloth with your first bottle.

Muracream will not lather but lathering is not necessary to cleanse thoroughly.  Getting into the pores and removing dirt and make up is what is necessary for deep cleansing, and Muracream does it all.  I encourage you to try this miracle cream.

For the younger skin, water soluble Muracream will bring enough emollience and moisture into your skin that this one product is all you need.  Additional moisturizers are not necessary. 

We use de-allergized lanolin in Muracream because lanolin is the best skin moisturizer known.  It absorbs 27% of its weight in water which makes it wonderful for bringing moisture into dry, thirsty skin.  Vegetable and Grape seed oils bring soothing emollience back into dry skin.  Compounding them all into a water soluble cream brings them together in perfect balance to maintain a healthy skin.    

If you have more mature skin or severe dry skin and would like even more moisture, our Emollient-X moisturizer is the perfect companion to our Muracream cleanser/conditioner. Together they provide a simple, affordable anti-aging skin care regime. Simply follow each Muracream cleansing with Emollient-X for healthy, younger-looking skin.  Mature dry skin can add even more emollience with our nighttime Emollient Cream.  (Not necessary for the younger skin).

 If you’re looking for relief from severe dry skin; fine lines, laugh lines and wrinkles; the crepey neck of more mature skin, or chapped, wind burned or sunburned skin anywhere on your body, we encourage you not to give up.  Give the Muriel Bell Skin Care line a try!   Both Muracream and Emollient-X come to you with our 90-day money back guarantee!  We've stood by this same guarantee since 1940.   

  Questions? Contact us at:

1-800-716-2366   (M-F,10AM-4PM  MST)


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